Voyant (Text Analysis)

Voyant Tools is a web-based text reading and analysis environment. It is a scholarly project that is designed to facilitate reading and interpretive practices for digital humanities students and scholars as well as for the general public. The Tinker version of the Voyant Workbench is managed and hosted within Australia on dedicated IT resources.

What you can do with Voyant tools:

  • Use it to learn how computers-assisted analysis works. Check out our examples that show you how to use Voyant for research.
  • Use it to study texts that you find on the web or texts that you have carefully edited and have on your computer.
  • Use it to add functionality to your online collections, journals, blogs or web sites so others can see through your texts with analytical tools.
  • Use it to add interactive evidence to your essays that you publish online. Add interactive panels right into your research essays (if they can be published online) so your readers can recapitulate your results.
  • Use it to develop your own tools using our functionality and code.

EXPLORE VOYANT: https://voyant.tinker.edu.au

Diaries of Prison Governor John Buckley Castieau 1855-1884.
Election Speeches from The Museum of Australian Democracy (time series).
Final Report, Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, vol 1-17.
(see Available Data for more information)