Tinker Studio

Tinker Studio is an online platform that provides researchers with access to  advanced tools such as Jupyter notebooks for python code, R Studio, managed computing infrastructure, and ready-to-go data.

There are two ways to access Tinker Studio:

  • Login using with your AAF account, choose sign in, and then click the AAF logo.
  • Create a new account by registering your details with Tinker.

Tinker Studio consists of three main pages: Dashboard, Workspace and Explorer.


The Dashboard enables you to launch a new compute service, displays a summary of your currently running services, and the amount of storage being used. Tinker Studio limits one running compute instance per user.


The Workspace page manages the data contained in your personal storage space.


The Explorer page allows you to access datasets from multiple data repositories.  It is an interface to CSIRO Knowledge Network that is customised to allow ease-of-use of data within Tinker Studio.