Tinker presents at Digital Transformations Perth

Published by Tyne Sumner on

The HASS DEVL project recently returned to the west coast for an interactive and lively session with Digital Transformations Perth, hosted at the Murdoch University Launchpad by one of the WA HASS Digital Champions, Dr Rahul K. Gairola.

Geoffrey Bolton Library, Murdoch University

Dr Tyne Sumner’s session explored some of the history of and key debates around Computational Text Analysis within the disciplinary field of Digital Humanities as well as in the context of data-driven research in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. The talk demonstrated how to use the Tinker Voyant Tools customisation for easy text analysis and how to present results in a meaningful way. 

Using a range of Literary and Political datasets within Tinker, participants gained hands-on experience and engaged with current debates around a range of approaches. Also of interest in the talk were current debates about how best to present computational textual analysis, especially in relation to Public Humanities.

Digital Transformation Perth are a multi-disciplinary group who meet regularly to brainstorm, crowd-source, showcase and share transformative ideas, proven practice, enterprise transformation lessons and collective brainstoms around our current digital age. Their target audience includes Design aficionados, data scientists, OD practitioners, Future of Work nuts, management consultants, and researchers. They meet to hear short talks by experts, workshop ideas, conduct environmental scans and facilitate ‘101s’ around digital transformation basics. 

You can find a list of their upcoming and past events here!