Tinker Digital Tools Speed Dating at the University of Melbourne Research Bazaar

Published by Katy McHugh on

Dr Tyne Daile Sumner presenting the Tinker workbench

The HASS DeVL project recently ran a HASS Digital Tools Speed Dating session at the Research Bazaar Conference in Melbourne over the 20th and 21st of February. The session included a short summary of the project’s aims for 2019 and demonstrations of text transcription and computational text analysing using Voyant.

The Tinker site currently showcases two text transcription tools, FromThePage and DigiVol.

FromThePage is an easy-to-use tool for transcription, especially of handwritten manuscripts, while DigiVol is a flexible platform that can be used to facilitate transcription of many types of material, including collection registers, survey sheets and field diaries. The Tinker website also incorporates an open instance of Voyant Tools for text analysis, with curated data sets including the Diaries of Prison Governor John Buckley Castieau 1855-1884 and Election Speeches from The Museum of Australian Democracy (time series).
Our project partners from AURIN also gave a brief overview of geocoding, a software-assisted process by which text descriptions of places (e.g. “Sydney Harbour” or “47 Smith Street, Oakleigh”) are matched with geographical information, usually points defined by a latitude and longitude.