Textual data and Voyant Tools at ResBaz Perth

Published by Tyne Sumner on

The wonderful city of Perth recently held its annual Research Bazaar Conference, which took place at Curtin University from the 2nd – 4th of July. 

This year Perth ResBaz experimented with two different parallel streams to cater to new as well as more seasoned learners. 

Level 1 training classes included:

  • Intro to the command line and Version Control (Git)
  • Intro to structured data
  • Intro to Docker (Command line experience required)

The Level 2 training classes included:

  • Data analysis and visualisation with Python (beginner level)
  • Data analysis and visualisation with R (beginner level)
  • Data and digital tools in the Humanities and Arts (beginner level)
  • Genomics (specialisation, intermediate level)
  • Intro to Machine Learning (intermediate to advanced level)

The final session of the conference included a guest presentation by Dr Tyne Sumner on the Tinker studio, Voyant Tools and a range of computational text analysis methods. The attendees experimented with getting text into Voyant:

Participants then completed a range of exercises designed to explore a textual corpus with a range of challenges:

Participants shared their own data sets and experimented with a range of visualisation techniques.

For more on how to visualise your textual data with Voyant tools, head to Open Voyant on the Tinker site!