Training materials


The Tinker team has developed training materials to support the use of the digital tools and research methods in the Tinker environment. The materials have been designed to support both individual researchers working alone, and as teaching resources to be used within a classroom environment.

10 HASS data things
The 10 HASS Data Things is aimed at HASS researchers interested in learning more about how to use, create, store and manage their research data.

The main goal of transcription is to create readable, machine readable or computationally analysable content. This recipe will help you gain familiarity with the tools supported by the Tinker workbench.

HASS Research Data
Research data in the humanities, arts and social sciences can be almost anything. Improved familiarity with issues in data use and management, especially within HASS disciplines, leads to many benefits for the individual researcher, including improving the quality of their research and increasing the likelihood of citation, collaboration and re-use.

Text Analysis
Text analysis is about converting unstructured text data into meaningful data for examination. Examining and understanding Voyant Tools is a useful starting point for computer-assisted text analysis in HASS research.

Digital Champions
The Digital HASS Champions Program provides HASS and GLAM participants with training, productive networking and leadership opportunities to enrich their career pathways.

Geocoding (AURIN workshop)
Geocoding is the process of transforming a physical address description to a location on the Earth’s surface via computational methods. As part of the Tinker training AURIN has developed a series of tutorials aimed at to support HASS researchers with geocoding.