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“Are you transcribing historical documents? Handwritten or printed, from the middle ages or from the 20th century? Would you like to do this in a highly standardized, flexible and reliable way? And do you appreciate to get support from automated tools such as Handwritten Text Recognition and Layout Analysis?”

Transkribus requires an application to be installed locally and images to be uploaded to a server owned and operated by the University of Innsbruck for image recognition and processing. Transcription can be done via the locally installed software or via a web portal. Optional machine learning for automated transcription.

Who or what’s it for

Tool for transcribing images of text, commonly handwritten text.

Arrangements in place

No arrangements with software vendor have been made. Agreements / Terms of use can be found on the registration page (or HERE)

Availability and data recovery

No availability or data recovery targets have been published by

Key dates 



University of Innsbruck

Support contacts

TRANSKRIBUS Team at University of Innsbruck


Locally installed software (Mac or Windows)

Software license

Closed source. Free to use software. Terms of Use

Reference materials

Wiki page

10 Step – How to quick guide