Getting started with Transcription – From The Page

From the Page is a simple transcription system. It allows you to upload images which it then presents to you with a frame where you can type the contents. You can magnify the manuscript image to see it more clearly. It allows for some markup of text and exports to a few formats (XHTML, TEI).

An example implementation of this Recipe can be followed here including all source images and extracted texts.

  1. Create a From the Page project by emailing the Uni Melbourne SCIP team
  2. Upload images (see From The Page FAQ for more info on how to get started)
  3. Transcribe / get Community to transcribe (See FAQ for more info)
  4. Export Xhtml  or TEI transcription
  5. Find the Collection ID of the transcription project at the end of the URL when visiting the collection homepage
  6. Visit the Export site appending the collection ID to the end (replace XX)
  7. Choose appropriate format (xhtml or tei)
  8. Download file