Getting started with Jupyter Notebooks

Published by Tyne Sumner on

Are you Humanities researcher and want to learn how to write code but need some extra guidance along the way? Are there textual datasets you want to explore but you’re not sure how or where to start? Jupyter Notebooks might just be the tool for you! 

Jupyter Notebooks allow you to write Python (or R) code interspersed with text and graphics. The Notebooks are a great way to document and communicate your analysis of data while keeping track of the process you’ve undertaken. We have used them extensively throughout Tinker to illustrate some kinds of analysis that require Python coding.

At the recent ResBaz Perth, Dr Sara King from AARNet delivered a fantastic workshop on using Jupyter Notebooks for Humanities, Arts, and Social Science research. Sara’s workshop is a great first stop for those wanting to learn about what Jupyter Notebooks are, how they can help you in your research, and how to get started. 

You can view the presentation here

There is also a useful page about Jupyter Notebooks on the Tinker website. Just head here to check it out!