How does Tinker work?

Tinker is a gateway to an ecosystem of data, tools, and services. While the current project has developed a number of new tools, the website also makes connections with existing research infrastructure in the form of data repositories and various informatics tools.

What is the Tinker Studio?

Tinker Studio is an online platform that provides researchers with advanced tools such as Jupyter notebooks for Python code, R Studio, and direct access to curated repositories of research data. Tinker Studio is one of the tools provided as part of the Tinker environment.

What is a recipe?

In the same way people learn to cook using recipes (there are ingredients, instructions, utensils, and tips on techniques) the recipes on Tinker are created to show HASS researchers how data can be processed and curated using data and tools provided.

Can I contribute to Tinker?

Most definitely!! We welcome any contributions, ideas, or suggestions for improvement from the broader HASS Community. If you have a case study, recipe, or new tool you’d like to add to Tinker – we’d love to hear from you. In the first instance, drop us a line via email or through our Online Advisory page.