DH Pathways Perth: A Tinker Trip to the West Coast

Published by Katy McHugh on

The HASS DEVL headed to the west coast this May to host the 2019 Digital Humanities Pathways series at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in Perth. 

The day’s presentations and discussions focused on digitisation, large-scale collaborative projects in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, as well as building a national network that better supports the exciting research and eResearch support happening in Western Australia. 

This included talks by Professor Michele Willson (Curtin University) and Dr Richard Hosking (Curtin Institute for Computation) on the Digital research and knowledge landscape for WA. 

We also heard from Dr Katie Wilson (Curtin University), Professor Benjamin Smith (UWA), Professor Helena Grehan (Murdoch University), Michelle Brennand, (SLWA) and Scott Nicholls (UWA), who spoke about current developments and future plans for digitisation, collections, and data custodians, with a focus on digitisation & digital, engagement & community building, enabling research, challenges and collaboration.

Dr Tully Barnett, Senior Lecturer in Creative Industries in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Flinders University and Digital HASS Champion, delivered a fascinating keynote entitled: ‘Thinking about digitization as a cultural practice’. Read about Tully’s research here.

After lunch, we heard from Associate Professor Katie Ellis, Associate Professor Mike Kent and Dr Leanne McRae (all from Curtin University), who spoke about Audio Description Australia and  findings into both the amount of audio described content that has been created but not made available to television audiences, as well as  existing innovative platforms for audio description, such as the app BAM-Describe.

To conclude the day, Dr Andrew Woods, Senior Research Fellow and Manager Curtin HIVE (Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch) and Dr Andrew Treloar (via video link), Director, Platforms and Engagements, Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) talked about national research initiatives and large-scale projects in data-driven Humanities, Arts and Social Science research. 

Finally, the Perth DH Pathways event paved the way for the selection of 2 new Digital HASS Champions: Dr Rahul K. Gairola, The Krishna Somers Lecturer in English & Postcolonial Literature and Fellow, Asia Research Centre at Murdoch University and Katie Mills, Library Manager (Library Engagement and Experience) at the University of Western Australia. 

We welcome Rahul and Katie to the team as our new leaders and champions in the Digital HASS space. 

We would like to thank Pawsey Supercomputing Centre for hosting the event, as well as Bezi Publishing Services, who provided additional funding and support. 

See you at the next Pathways event in 2020!