Crafting Digital Research Projects: Digital Studio at the University of Melbourne

Published by Tyne Sumner on

The Digital Studio at the University of Melbourne runs a pilot this month of a new initiative, ‘Crafting Digital Research Projects: Data, Design and Methods.’

The workshop is for researchers in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences who are planning a research project using data or digital tools and methods. It will also provide the language, frameworks, and strategies to give data-driven research applications in HASS the best chance of success.

The Digital Studio at the University of Melbourne

Crafting Digital Research Projects is part of the Digital Research in Action seminar series. It follows a number of exciting workshops held over the course of 2019 featuring several of the Digital HASS Champions. including ‘Digital Mapping for the Humanities’ by Dr Katrina Grant from ANU and ‘Postcolonial Digital Humanities and Poetry from the Global South’ by Dr Rahul K. Gairola from Murdoch University.

The workshop will introduce principles for digital research project design, with a focus on shaping and articulating the use of data and the digital environment in grant applications. Working from current application examples, it will examine how to frame and translate terminology and provide advice for completing grant templates and budgets to enhance project proposals and refine their scope.

Projection walls and audio zones at the Digital Studio, University of Melbourne

The workshop will conclude with a showcase of the TINKER offering of tools and data as well as a panel discussion about the role of data and digital methods in the national research landscape, and provide pathways for further support from the Faculty and the wider University.

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