CAUL Webinar 2019

Published by Katy McHugh on

Marco Fahmi and Dr Tyne Daile Sumner of the HASS DeVL team recently introduced members of the Council of Australia University Librarians (CAUL) to Tinker, with assistance from Ingrid Mason (AARNet, eResearch). The aims of the webinar were to:

  1. To explain what Tinker (aka the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS), Data Enhanced Virtual Lab (DEVL)) is, and where this virtual lab fits into the wider NCRIS and national research infrastructure landscape.
  2. To elaborate upon the Digital Champions program developed as part of the HASS DEVL project and how this work is being built on, and being used to train HASS researchers.   
  3. To outline where there may be resources, activities and partnerships, that the CAUL community may like to make use of, provide feedback on, experiment with, and join in on.   

First, Ingrid ran all of virtually connected participants through the Tinker project, the site itself, the workbench and the community, tying all of these new and exciting components together with the national research infrastructure landscape for HASS and our thoughts and plans for the future of this work.

Tyne then outlined the Tinker 2018 work program and how we got to now, with a focus on the Digital Champions program for 2019 as well as the important knowledge and experience we’ve been able to harness via the cohort of Champions from all across the country.

Finally, Marco spoke about the Tinker program of work for 2019 and beyond, with a focus on developing partnerships with experts (in Libraries and eResearch) and for developing nation-wide connections with other groups in 2019 and beyond.

The group who attend this virtual showcase had a range of questions and ideas, which they put to the HASS DEVL project team for future collaboration and project ideas.

We look forward to continuing this great relationship into the future!