Tinker is a single point of entry to common digital research tools, research-ready datasets and skills development services. The page has been developed to help break down the barriers of entry into the digital humanities research space.

Tinker is designed with Humanities and Social Sciences researchers like you in mind; Tinker aims to encourage experimentation with new research tools, assist in the development of digital research practice, and open pathways to the exploration of coding and analysis in the tinker notebooks space. Tinker has been designed with a view to building digital research communities of practice where collaboration and sharing of resources is encouraged.

The Tinker Digital HASS Network is managed by the HASS Data Enhanced Virtual Lab (HASS DEVL), a national collaboration of research institutions led by QCIF.

Produced as part of a Data Enhanced Virtual Laboratory (DEVL) project funded by The Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC), Tinker provides a gateway to an ecosystem of data, tools and services. The current HASS DEVL project partners include QCIF , The University of Queensland, The University of Melbourne, Griffith University, AURIN , Monash University, and Associate Professor Tim Sherratt.

Steering committee members include Flinders University, Australian Academy of the Humanities, The National Library of Australia, State Library of Queensland, University of Tasmania, University of Canberra, Atlas of Living Australia, Western Sydney University, QCIF, and The University of Melbourne .

Tinker resources have been developed in a collaboration with AARNet, Alveo, AURIN, Australian Data Archive, eResearch SA Limited, Griffith University, The National Library of Australia, The University of Melbourne, and QCIF at The University of Queensland.